What others have said…

What a blessing it is to know that God moves on the hearts of His people and that His words inspire and encourage us to leap into a deeper faith!

Have you found something on this site that you want to provide some feedback for?  Then please share it with me.  Below are a few short notes of feedback from some who have visited the site.

It is so sad how we easily forget the GLORY of GOD and all of His SPLENDOR.  This world knows nothing of beauty, although that is what it takes its pride in.  So many times I have tried to grasp more of what True Beauty is within God and it is beyond me.  However, I see the beauty of God through the sunrise and sunset, through loving eyes, in a child’s laugh and the embrace of a hug.  How often we take for granted that God is walking with us every moment of every day, just waiting for us to see Him. (Niki P., commenting on “He Is Greatly To Be Praised!” ) [Thanks, Niki! Your incredible insight and a tremendous gift of expression will bless many others in Jesus’ name!]

“Thank you for our daily reminder that Jesus is Lord! The passion you have for ministry is felt through the words God has anointed you with. Bless you for sharing.”  (Ed) [Thanks, Ed!  Your passion for our Lord is such an encouragement to me! I thank God that He caused our paths to cross…at His cross!]

…Proof is for this world… God is not a summable quantity… there is a reason we cannot fathom “infinity”… you must choose to believe… welcome to faith. (Tom, commenting on on “Faithfully Encourage Others”)  [I just love the depth of insight in your comment.  Thanks, Tom!]

…Wow. Now I have to keep reading. (Suzie, commenting on “What’s in a Name – 1″)

…He understands EVERYTHING… this includes “what you go through… including the frustration of doing laundry and not being able to match up socks afterwards”… EVERYTHING means EVERYTHING… that’s what omniscience is!!! (Tom, commenting on “A Simple Pattern”) [Another thanks, Tom!  Your ability to bring deep, true theology down to practical understanting is incredible!]

…Thank you for sharing your heart! It is not easy to live Christ-like! …my heart will become heavy knowing that I missed it so many times throughout the day. But then Jesus fills my heart! Thoughts of Him floods into my heart, my heart skips a beat, and warmth and love overflow, and I am filled with unspeakable joy and glory! Thank God, for the gift of Jesus, that saves me even from myself! Glory be to God! (JoLee, commenting on “A Simple If…Then Statement”)

…You make it entertaining and you still care to keep it wise. I can not wait to read far more from you. This is really a wonderful website. (Cody)

…Thank you for displaying your faith and belief in such a public forum. May God richly bless you… (Don)

…Thank you so much for helping me remember that God is not finished with me yet, and that He has everything under control until this work is finished… (Marque)

…so glad you are up and running and am so happy you are sharing your gift with others… (Jeana)

…the site looks amazing!!  May God continue to bless you and grow your ministry!! (Ed)

…Praise be to God for making this dream happen for you!  Its an amazing sight! (Amber)

…Nice website! Looking forward to seeing how God uses this ministry. (Larry)

My thanks and true appreciation for all who have commented!  You should know that I appreciate your encouragement greatly!

May you be blessed in God’s agape,