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Dear Friend,

This site is designed for the visitor to find words of devotion, hope, encouragement and exhortation for the believer in Christ.  But, it is also my hope that it can be more than that.  After all, life isn’t meant to be simply absorbed.  Right?

So, would you have something that you would like to share with me?  Would you like to receive a message on some specific topic?  Would you like to submit ideas or comments?

If so, simply add a comment below and I would be pleased to read your submission.

In all ways, be strong and be blessed in the Lord!


3 Responses

  1. Tom says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of reading your daily devotionals. Admittedly, it has been MANY years since we knew each other well, but I am curious… where is this coming from? For starters, the writing is exceptional, rarely do I read “blog-like” content that is filled with prose and proper flow, let alone, simple proper grammar and spelling. Nice job.
    Mostly, however, I’m curious… your writing (at least the limited amount I’ve read) is unashamedly one sided (this is NOT a criticism, but simply something I noticed). I assume this is because you are writing to be an encouragement. Again… this is stuff I’m curious about. The reason I’m curious is that God seems to have different plans for us, and while I don’t like to focus too much on “other people’s job”, I am curious what it looks like.
    Let me explain… first, realize I accepted Christ as my savior a number of years ago. I attempt to reflect his love and understanding when and where I can. That said, I recall a time in my life (after I had come to believe) where I prayed over and over that God remove certain doubts that my mind harbored. After a while, I realized He was not going to do this, and I finally understood that He was telling me “No… I will not… it is not what I have in store for you”. Since that time, I have embraced these doubts, and I understand why I have them, and how He wants me to use them.
    That said, I am always intrigued when I see people writing so categorically one-sided. They seem unencumbered by doubts and worldly views (much less, the ever present Greek thought process of “both sides arguments”). So… back to my question… How did you get to this point. Did you ever have to pray similar prayers, or were you just able to get where you seem to be with His help/guidance as a natural consequence of belief? It is probably only worldly curiosity that causes me to ask this question, although, I am always looking for guides for discernment issues, and I suppose I am cashing in on our previous relationship.

    Upon reading this (and knowing it was written over multiple days) I am pretty sure it will be interpreted poorly… please realize I am basically only looking for your motivation in this, and how you came about this particular outlet.

    Your friend…

    Tom Braser

  2. Ed says:

    Thank you for our daily reminder that Jesus is Lord! The passion you have for ministry is felt through the words God has anointed you with. Bless you for sharing.

  3. rdougherty says:

    Thanks, Ed! Your passion for our Lord is such an encouragement to me! I thank God that He caused our paths to cross…at His cross!