About Into A Deeper Faith

Hello Dear Brother or Sister in Christ,

It is my hope that you find this site to be a place of devotion.  I hope it is a place where you might find words of peace and rest for your soul.  It is a place where you will find words inspired by the holy Scriptures of God-His one and only written Word-The Bible.

Here you will find proclaimed the Supreme God and Ruler of all to be the great I AM as revealed in the Old Testament, whose name in Hebrew is YHWH (we would pronounce it YAHWEH should we be bold enough to call His name).  In Greek, His name is pronounced as Jehovah.  In English, we simply call Him God, or LORD.

In the New testament, we read that I AM became flesh and bone in the person of Jesus of Nazareth and walked the dusty roads of the Judea teaching that God was looking for a people of real faith on earth.  Around the age of 33, Jesus willingly sacrificed Himself on a Roman cross to become the ransom for the death-wages of sin for all mankind.  He was buried in a tomb and rose again on the third day.  He showed Himself to His believers on multiple occasions and even ate with them before He ascended into Heaven, and after He left, He sent the Holy Spirit to be a Counselor, Guide, Comforter, Convicter, Gift-giver, and as an ever present part God Himself who resides in the hearts of the believers, enabling them to be faithful followers of the Lord, Jesus Christ.  What is more, He has promised to return again one day!  And on that day, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is LORD as those living and those who were dead will be judged according to their faith in Him.  To the ones found faithful, a reward of eternal joy in the presence of the Almighty, Creator God will be given.  Sadly, however, to those without faith in Christ, a different fate will await.

So, here in this site you will find that according to Scripture there is no other way to God’s heaven than through belief in Christ.  You will find that Scripture calls us to correctly handle the Word of Life.  You will find that Scripture calls us to live holy (separated apart as dedicated to the Lord) because our Lord is holy.  You will find that that it is our duty to live as citizens of heaven even right now while we walk through life this earth.   And finally,  you will hear that we are to search after the Kingdom, or the Reign, of Heaven in our lives now so that we might have the abundant life of overflowing joy that our Lord told us He came to earth to offer us.

As a believer in Christ, you are welcome to visit back often to find words of encouragement, admonition, comfort and guidance.  And as a brother or sister in the LORD, please feel free to offer comments and reflections as the Lord directs your heart.

May your heart be blessed richly by God’s love and grace.  And may you faithfully follow Christ as the first goal of your life.


Ron Dougherty

2 Responses

  1. Larry Christian says:


    Nice website! Looking forward to seeing how God uses this ministry.

    Larry C.

  2. rdougherty says:

    Larry, i appreciate the feedback! God is good, my friend! O so good! I’ll be sure that I find a way to link the website to Anointed for Praise once we have it up and running too!